Hello everyone.I'm Aiky.Where are we going today?Now I'm at Zhongli train station.

I'm going to take you to Bade bald cypress.Winter is a popular season for bald cypress.You can see a lot of social network sites,Your friends share where visit the bald cypress.That's beautiful place.

I wanted to go to Sanwan bald cypress before,But there's no bus over there.So I gave up.The Bade bald cypress,There are buses to neighborhood of Bade bald cypress.But when you get off the bus, you still have to walk some way.

Now let's see which bus we're going to take.This is the Zhongli train rear station.Remember our bus is at Train Rear Station.Turn right when you go out the station,And then go forward to bus stop.

We are going to take the 5098 bus.The 5098 bus drive between Zhongli and Daxi.This is where bus 5098 gets off,the Da commuity stop.As I said earlier, you want to go Bade bald cypress.

You still go some way after you get off.I just got here from Zhongli train station,It took about 20 minutes.Let's look at the route map.I took a bus at Zhongli train rear station.

5098 bus.I got off at De community bus stop.5098 It's a commuter bus.On average, there's a bus every 15 minutes.

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So you won't wait too long.Get off the bus and go forward.Now I'm going to walk to there.I'll share with you how much time I've spent.

After you walk forward, you'll see a fork in the road.We will go down.Please be careful of the traffic flow here.That's heavy traffic.

So make sure no car and then crosses the road.Here is the Bade bald cypress.I came here from the bus stop and it took me 12 minutes.If you visit here in the future.

You just estimate the 10-15-minute walking time.If you're driving,There are a lot of private parking here.I saw the parking fee 50 NTD.Just now, the host saw me taking video.

He came to me and chatted.He called for everyone to take a bus coming here.Just like me, take a bus here.There are so many tourists coming here on holidays.

Many cars will block this road.You saw this road is small and narrow.So please take the bus to come here most convenient.You don't have to worry about parking.

When you walk inside, please pay attention to your feet.Don't step on the Aerial root.After all, this is private land.Come here, please observe rules.

Do not litter, do not pickAnd also pay attention to your feet, do not step on the Aerial root.This is about Bade bald cypress video.If you like this video,Share and like.Get notified.

You can receive my travel and transportation information at the first time.See you next time.

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