Hello Hello, I am William.I have taken a lot of films of different themes.I have already subscribed a thousand times.I sincerely thank you for your support.

I found that my film is the most popular film of friends.But you also know that it takes a lot of money to travel abroad.Have a long vacation before you canBut in fact, we are already very happy.But we live in this globally popular tourist cityThe first one is Hong Kong.

In fact, Hong Kong is a very suitable place for free travel.I really love Hong Kong.So I am going to open a new theme.It is Hong Kong one-day tour seriesBy my William and some friends or guestsHave a free day trip to Hong Kong with everyoneEveryone guessed that it was a friend of mine.

Hi, everyone, I am Jiahui.Just gonna take a day trip with William today.JiahuiThis day tour series, I hope to take public transportation as the mainEach series hopes to be the starting point of the subway station.I am now at the D2 exit of Central MTR Station.

We will go to lunch soon.In fact, we still have a guest.Just when he came outside, it rained.Really expensiveHello, everyone, I am Sam.

Sam Ge’s first episode of this collaboration with usSam is actually a youtuber.If you want to see what film he tookI leave a link belowEveryone has time to see what good things have been taken.The first stop is Sam, take us to eat good things.What good things to eat in Hong Kong?

Listening to this famousVery famous, I heard that this is also Michelin.I also wanted to eat when I was young.is it? Yes, I have not eaten.

is it? In fact, I have only eaten once or twice.Then I will take everyone to try it. OkYeah, we came to this place and rememberedUncle Sam said that you must eat roast goose right?

Hong Kong except deep wells鏞記 is also a place where eating roast goose is very positiveIn addition to roast goose, sour ginger eggs are also very famous.Must tryI heard that this wonton noodle is one of the best in Hong Kong.Is it? Then you must tryIn addition to McMug, it is also very powerful here.

So I want to try this wonton noodleOk! Try itTry it out.Just a little bit better.What is ginger stewed egg?

This is ginger preserved eggYou said that ginger stewed eggs are two times.This is called sour ginger egg.Some foreigners think it is the most vomiting food in the world.This preserved egg is actually very beautiful.

Look, he actually has a little pattern.I think his sour ginger is sweet.I am most afraid of eating preserved eggs with some taste like urine.I usually can't stand this taste when I eat preserved eggs.

In fact, it is unfair to ask me because I don』t like to eat preserved eggs.So if I finish eating, I can say it is a try.Because in fact, these preserved eggs are the best choices.I know that these preserved eggs are specially for a supplier.

So the quality is indeed very good.With ginger, this is a good appetizer.After eating this sour ginger, the mouth is sweet.Nothing is more balanced between sweetness and sourness.

We chose this tea to be Longjing.These juices are different from ordinary street. He is somewhat milky white.You are welcome.

The most important thing about roast goose is crispyIt’s not crisp enough to come to a skin that is not hot.I last time was the last time I didn』t ask me where I want to go.This way we can choose the top and bottom we chose to burn the goose legs.Roasted goose leg plus $60He is very interestingThe taste of the Q bomb is like a soft peanut.

Under the taste, it tastes like a plum.Plum-flavored soybeansSweet and sourIn fact, his taste is well-tuned.But it’s hard to forget if you haven』t finished eating.I took it in the deep well and it was hot.

When the smell smells, I really want to eat it.The bite of the skin is heard and there is a (tea)Crispy hot is very fragrant bite, the gravy is bursting outIt’s deep well, but there’s no such feeling here.The taste here is goodBut if I go to Zhongshan with my roast gooseZhongshan roast goose is a big pepper octagonalThe taste of the fennelThere is no strong, very fragrant taste here.He is not bad, I think it is more ordinary.

If this price I will not choose him again.I want to talk about our tea culture in Guangdong.When people help you pour tea, they will return to this action politely.Do you know why?

Don't know if Uncle Sam knows?do not know eitherAccording to the Qing Emperor Qianlong EmperorI really like to go out with He Wei and Ji Xiaoyu.You Jiangnan and tea drinking, etc.When Emperor Qianlong visited, he did not want people to know that he was an emperor.

In order to avoid assassinationPutting civilians outside will also help two courtiers pour teaThe emperor helped the courtiers to pour tea but could not hold the emperorHey, look at how Ji Xiaolan does it.Ji Xiaoyu was imitating like this at the time.Finger 跪In addition, the pronunciation of the hand is also the same as the dagger.Right, so the folks have this action.

Thank you, wonton noodle thank youSome well-made wonton noodles must be placed underneathTake a spoon and put it under the wontonIt won't be easy to soak the surface on the top.Add some vinegar and try the soupThe soup is very fragrant with Jinhua hamHe is not confused with shrimp shells and earth fish.He is using soup with meatIf you look good, you can see that he is not crisp enough.It is delicious without alkaline water tasteChewing with scented yellowLook at this wontonThere are large earth fish, shrimp and fresh meat.

Just a good bit is fresh shrimp is not a snow shrimpThe bitten shrimp is crispy, sweet and crispy.In fact, I like to eat wonton noodles.Usually go to the tea restaurant or restaurant.There is also a noodle restaurantBut compared to here, this is more delicious.

The face is also fine and the taste is better.What kind of wonton is usually very large in the noodle restaurant?Although this is a fine grain, it tastes thicker.It’s a bit of a good thing to eat this wonton noodles.

No MSG feels the soup is also very clearThis soup is incredibleIt is a soup made of meat50 yuan a bowl, I think it is worth eatingHong Kong has no more than three or forty yuan for eating wonton noodles.When the quality of this is extremely highThe outside is just showing off the big grain inside is the prawnsThe essence of wonton noodles is soupHe is not falling chicken powder, falling MSGOr what a Japanese soup with a drop of fragrantIn fact, you can also eat that sweet taste.Try to taste the soup that is made with fresh meat.It’s hard to eat the smell of soda in the outside store.

This face is like a silver silkThe appearance is very small but not easy to breakIt won't be easy to loosen the Q-gun feel very easy to bite.I think this is the best food compared to what I usually eat.I never knew that the wonton noodles here are so delicious.Hahaha.

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This is really an eye-opener.The wonton noodles here are really good.OK, we finished eating.I will go to a very special place in Hong Kong.

Chinese and WesternHong Kong's longest viewing elevatorBut I don't know why it didn't start now.The original repair is in progressWe just finished after Wellington Street and finished eating.Sam brother brought us hereHere is the Grand PavilionWhat are the characteristics of the Grand Hall?Former court plus police stationReconstructed art museumThis is the entranceI don't know this place.

He is more than two of his guides.I am not doing anything, just a few times, I know a little.Now the representative is seeing the two sidesUsually I will have this side firstWhat is this here?This way I saw a lot of restaurants in addition to the restaurant.

There are also some small history introductions.For example, there is a story about the former police station at the bottom of the dungeon.Or there are different activities from time to time.There are some placements you can take a look at firstBecause there is a little more behind this, but moreUsually seen by fineCome in and have air conditioningThis lane and the back lane are usually popular punch cards.

Many people take pictures hereStand in the middle and take a picture or take a wallDressing up different poses has been a lot of shotsI took so much so we went directly to the next place.You see these very distinctive sight testsHere, you can divide the top and bottom without using the line.Because the above is the restaurant unless you want to eatWe can drop directly belowI saw a lot of people around watching these are guided tours.You can make an appointment to listen to him.

Usually from the bottom line to the topMaybe it’s some special activities but now it’s notSo we can go straight hereRepair here said that these bricks have been rebuiltHave this rope and have these two are the director levelSanchai knows everyone is the sheriff.Two flowers are inspectorsNothing is ordinary policeWe have just finished the police stationDungeon brief introduction to police station historyNow we are here to be in prisonFirst go to the prison without going to the groundI have a visitor center. I think there is a look here.Ok, take me to Let's go.

In fact, there is a good punch card here.It was taken here by the outside.In fact, a few good looks, you may wish to tryBring everyone a more realistic punch cardIt’s really punching.Just from the gun house, the upstairs is selling things.

I want to go to some card slots that are not so bad.Not bad punch card OKJust this is too real, is it?Is it right? Is it fake?

Then take everyone to fake the fake Kahaha fake card(Thunder) Wow, be careful with the Thunder, hahaha.False? Is this true enough?They said that the filming here is also very beautiful.

There is another side of this sideIt’s also beautiful, no matter whether it’s day or night, it’s not bad.Ok, let's take it with you.What is sealed here is that I am afraid that someone will go in and excrete?Not unusualNow let's go to the prison.

I also turned off the lights when I came in.Reflection, how can you reflect on it too?What is the anti-corpse? This room is called the reflection room.

Look here to give you reflections.Who can reflect on the light?Oh, it turned out to be a reflection, hahaha.Is he stealing the boulder?

I think he is like pouring coal.But it’s all bad luck.What is Jiahui playing? Catch the fugitive gameThere is one that has succeeded without difficulty.

Can't escape your palm, it's really sweaty.It’s sweaty, it’s too hot here.Is it like this to give you air-conditioning?But there are cool fans here.

Ok, let’s visit the prison.Going to the next attractionThis is also a beautiful punch cardThere are many people here who like to shoot against the wall.Just taking a shot is a pictureIt’s no stranger to come to the stairs.Whether photographed from top to bottomAll beautifulAlthough we are a day tripBut I know that one episode is not playing all day.

Let's separate the upper and lower sets on the same day.This time this film is here.If you like this pieceOr support us to tour Hong Kong one-day tour seriesJust give me a Like?Also remember to subscribe to Subscribe me.

No matter how you read the episode, remember to follow the next episode.No mistake, remember to share with your friends to tell themIt turns out that a day trip to Hong Kong can go so many places.Goodbye Byebye next week.

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