This is water lilies, never had it before14 days around Taiwan Part 1 Arriving in Taipeiraining everydaywe're at the Raohe St. night market2 + 9 hours flight from Melbourne to TaipeiNot the most pleasant flight when you keep seeing lightning so close to youwe have just arrived in Taiwanbut it's before 7am.and this mobile carrier booth is not open yet until 9:30am.we are going to get this 15-day deal700 NTD = 23 USDUnlimited dataWe are at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airportjust had a Beef noddle soup, which was pretty goodwe are going to take the Taipei MRT to go to our hotelMRT from the airport to Taipei StationTaipei Station20 NTD per ticketjust dropped off our luggage at the hotel, and we are food huntingjust searched on the internetfound a restaurant nearby that we've seen many videos about on YouTubeWulao Guo (ever-young hotpot) It's very famous hereIt's quite warm today, with high of 28 degreesThis is it, Wulao hotpotThis is their famous "Ice cream tofu", let give it a tryWaitress: the ice-cream tofu needs to be boiled for 10 minsThe soup base includes many ingredients from Chinese herbal medicineand supposedly good for your health :)Taiwan beerIt's pretty good Yeah quite refreshingthey supply unlimited tofu and duck bloodThis vegetable is called water lilies, we've never had it beforeso we decided to try itthis ice-cream tofu is readythe waitress said it's made from fish pasteso it will have a very different taste from traditional tofuso is this fish ball?

deliciouscomplimentary drink:peach smoothiedeliciousthat hotpot was seriously soooo good (especially the non-spicy soup base)we never had hotpot that taste like thisjust taking a stroll, and we are arriving at Huashan 1914 creative parksoooo many doggieswe found many artsy little shops hereit's now after 7 pm.we were just filming, and a girl on a bike fell downso mazi went to help herwe are going to Raohe St night market for dinnerwe are in Zhongxiao station, and we are going to Songshan station heredidn't take long at all, the metro is so convenientfeels like Confucius Temple in Nanjing (our hometown)here we arethe famous Peppercakestoo many people here, Peppercake is 50NTD, we didn't want to wait in this ridiculous lineTakoyaki Is it good?yeah yeah OK time for me to eatJuicy chicken wraps100NTD nothing specialthis is the making of Oyster OmeletOK duck blood, subpar tofu*Traditional Taiwanese music*one watermelon milk, one papaya milkPeople mountain, people seatook us a solid one hour to go through one side of this streetand now we are turning back on the other sideOMG I'm already fulljust finished the market, we're both exhaustedit's a really long street and packed with peopleDidn't get much sleep last night on the flight here, so we are calling it a nighthaha I got this for take awaycherry tomato with plum insidealso watched videos on YouTube about thisdeliciouswow I like thisand this is the start of a beautiful day here in Taipeimazi just got a nice cup of coffeeand we are walking for 15mins to the famous Yonghe soymilkYonghe Soymilk Kinghole in the wall kind of restaurantquite different from the chain restaurants in mainland China that we know ofhaving here? YesThis is the legendary Salty soymilk, we've never had soymilk that's saltydeep-fried dough wrapped in egg pancake (we ordered like the locals)good?

delicioussticky rice, also has deep-fried dough insidelet me try this salty soymilk firstthis is so different from what I imagined, kinda taste like tofuyou see it has that tofu textureso deliciousthis has fried pork flakes in it (similar to what I had in my childhood)the flakes are so goodguys have a look at this weather forecastraining everydaywe need to get an umbrellaMazi: why is this umbrella so bloody expensive?!now some serious sight seeingwe took metro first, then UberTaipei National Palace MuseumThank you guys (total 700NTD)we want two mandarin translation machines (total 300NTD)these are all from the Dutch Furmosa erathis is amazing (mirror images of the same artwork)we have been transformed into the cultured elitesoooo many ancient artifactsbut we haven't seen the famous 「Jade Cabbage」we are trying to find itwe have found the place, but it's not here at the momentIt's been sent on a tour to another museumuntil 24th of April 2019the famous meat-shaped stoneit really looks like a piece of pork bellytime for a milk teaWulong machiato with small pearlsgive it a try it's pretty good wow the pearls are really smallI ordered the small ones, I don't like the big pearlsThis is a popcorn chicken barit's highly rated online, 5 starsso we decided to come heresoooo many different foods to choose from, and they can all be friedbut we are only getting the popcorn chicken2 serves of popcorn chicken 130NTDlet me try, oh it has vegetables in it as wellwow sooo gooddelicious!It has that Q texture so nicedinner timewe are now at Ding Tai Fungwe came here early, about 5 pm yeah?

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yet we still had to wait for 45mins to get a tableIf you come here now (after 6 pm), you need to wait for 2 hourssweet and sour soupBeef + tendon noodle soupcold dish (we forgot the name)the food comes so quick! (spicy wonton in chili sauce)it's filled with shrimpsesame dumpling in rice wine soupI have to say, the service here is so goodmaybe that's why they charge extra 10% service fee lolthe bill comes to 1023NTDwhich is 230 RMBand 47 AUDgreat service, lighter taste, much better than Ding Tai Fung in Melbourne

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This is water lilies, never had it before14 days around Taiwan Part 1 Arriving in Taipeiraining everydaywe re at the Rao...

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