Hi ~ everyone i'm yayunToday ’s video is very special and it ’s an unseen scene.Because I 』m at the airport nowDo you know how difficult it is to record in front of the boarding gate?Because I 』m really afraid of disturbing othersBut I tell you I just have to finish this videoI just finished shopping at the duty free shop and ran downAnd now I am about to go abroadAnd then I'm working hard on the floorThen I ca n』t be too loud because I do n』t think too muchHope not to affect othersThen I am going to share with you my airport dress todayWhat's in my bagBecause I do n』t have many people yet, I 』ll share what I wearLet me take a step back and show you how I lookOk i just show youThe clothes I wear are very simpleWearing a HollisterA long sleeve, a gray plain and a V-neck T-shirtNot a T-shirt, it's long sleevedThen pair it with Levis's ripped jeansAlthough this is skinning jeansI do n』t really recommend flying jeansBecause it ’s actually not comfortableBut because of this one, I feel really comfortable to wear itSo i don't think it's okayAnd the jacket part is MonclerIt is a very famous light down jacket and the one I took to FinlandThen I think it is very warm because it is very light.So I think it ’s very good to flyAnd the shoes are my new shoesFor the bag, I'll take meIs a new small bag with the LV out of the boxThen I'll unpack it for everyone to see what I put in itI will not show my passport and registration card.

Basically, I just have it in my hand.Because I often have to check it outWhat's in the bag?I brought this this time and it has attachedIf you have n』t seen me open the bags, hurry and see that it has this attachedI have in it all the dollars that I will need and thatFor example, Sephora's VIP Card or some member cardsAlthough I do n』t know if it can be usedAnd my credit card is in this anyway.Completely stuffedThen come back as part of my international driver's licenseAnd then mineE-ticket partThen there is the part of my US visaAre not carefully displayed because there are some personal information in itThen come this again because it was just before getting off the planeBecause it ’s long-haulIt ’s just troublesome to brush my teethIt might be troublesome to brush your teeth and I want to say thatYou can put a whitening patch when watching movies on the planeAfter tearing, you can go inside and rinseYou can have very white teethThere is one more in this I bought Bifesta beforeThe makeup remover pack I bought at WatsonsIt has a single piece in it as a giftThen this is very convenientI'll wait, although I don't have any makeup on my faceI didn't even wipe off the sun.

But I may have skin care products because I am stickyMay be stained, so I'll waitMaybe it ’s not long before I get on the plane before I go to bedWipe my face first and then slightly clean my face with waterWhat about the care products? I have to bring twoOne is La Mer's concentrated essenceThis is what they gave me when I bought liquid foundation on the anniversaryIt ’s a small gift, and this essence is semi-liquid.Because it's really small is the only meIt ’s smaller and it ’s moisturizing enough, so I bring thisThen come again with this cream from La MerThis is also given at the anniversaryThen it is also because it is very smallSo i am like thisThere is a little bit left in it and I want to say itIt's very good to rub on the planeAnd then there was the part of my dental floss that fell to the groundBecause I have corrected my teeth, my teeth often get stuck easily.So be sure to flossThen the last one is mine.

Is this where I was in Sephora?Is to buy some makeup productsIt sometimes has this as a giftThis is the daily perfume of marc jacobThen it ’s just a small oneSo it just fits insideI think this bag is really versatileIt can actually be stuffed again, so if you want to squeeze it, it ’s absolutely fine.Then this is the contents of my bagThen there is another strap that I absolutely bring when I go abroadIsn't this the strap? This is PEACH JOHNBecause when I went to buy their underwearI want to say that for the first time I do n』t think their underwear is particularly goodBut I bought it for the first time and I think it ’s okay to wear itThen they had a full gift at that time and sent itWhat's inside the strap is part of my computerBecause sometimes I like cutting when I'm on a planeBring your computer with you when you go abroadYou can't put your computer in that big bag of CHECK INWill definitely be smashed by those peopleBe sure to bring your luggageThen come this meJust let meThe battery and the camera charger ’s cord.

Then come againA pack of toilet paper because I want to say on the planeI might use toilet paper to blow my nose or something.So I brought a small bag and it was almost running outBecause I cried too much when I parted from my mother just nowThen come the charger for my phoneBecause they usually have the kind of charging that USB can plug in.Then the phone can be chargedThen come again a cookie I like recentlySo I took it with me because I was afraid in caseBecause after all, long-haul aircraftSo if you feel hungry, you can eat some cookies.Good is like thisI squatted on the ground all my feet were soreWould you like to see what is happening to me now?

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I'm completely like this nowOk hope you guys still like today's video is very casualBecause I originally asked everyone to ask everyone on InstagramShould I broadcast live or film the vast majority of peopleMore than 65% of people still like watching videosI actually agree with it, because the quality of the video will be betterOkay, that ’s it for today ’s videoI hope you do n』t think it ’s too easyBut it's easy and good.The videos I shoot have different styles and methodsI hope you all like those friends who have not subscribed to my channel yetPlease remember to subscribe to my channel and remember to bring a small bellBefore I can receive my movie releaseThen remember follow my instagram and facebookThen we will see you next time ~

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